"2018 Red Raiders - All On The Field, Together"

November 25, 2018

Football seasons begin and football seasons end. This will never change. Games are won, games are lost, champions are crowned, and challengers are applauded. These too, are facts that remain. What does change year after year is the group of young men that come together to become a team, dedicated to a purpose and determined to work toward a common goal. Such desire requires a special character and attitude. And while most teams will realize a close to a season long before expected, true champions establish legacies of success worthy of emulation. For the 2018 South Point Red Raiders that legacy of success will be measured in their remarkable embrace of the team concept and their everlasting determination to battle to the end. This group, more than any opponent they faced, supported each other as teammates, and left every ounce of fight they could muster, on the field. Hall of Fame Chicago Bears running back, the late great Walter Payton once stated, "I want to be remembered as the guy who gave his all whenever he was on the field." This season, South Point boasted an entire team with that attitude. For their support we express, with sincere Raider pride, our appreciation for our Seniors, Tré Glenn, Keaton Hale, Zane Andrews, Chancellor Mayfield, Caleb Gibson, Tanner Canterberry, Josh Hicks, and Josh Bogen. We acknowledge the effort of Seniors, Nolan Cochran, Aryn Moore, Dalton Rhodes, Alec Moore, Larry Dowdy, Dylan Burton, Cade Ratliff, and James Cady. These young men accepted challenges, learned lessons, and eagerly accepted the responsibilities to act as leaders to guide their teammates. They were fine examples on and off the field, admirably defining the South Point Red Raider. Their presence on the field will be missed, but they have taken their place in a storied history among South Point greats. For this reason, they will always remain Red Raiders, so long as the pads are strapped on and the red helmets are donned in Lineberger Stadium.

Seasons begin and seasons end. Sometimes, in football, the highest attainable goal is unreached. But often what is accomplished during the journey proves to have more lasting value. The 2018 season ended earlier than hoped for the Red Raiders, but thanks to a devoted group of young men, the program maintained a high level of respect from opponents. As a team, they came together, taking the field with a common purpose and intense dedication to a goal. And as a team, they left the field knowing that their hearts remained behind, that every ounce of fight had been expended for the cause. These are the marks of an outstanding group. These are the marks of the 2018 South Point Red Raiders! Tradition upheld! Still proud to wear the Red!

Go Get 'Em, Red!

Notable Facts and Thoughts

With each passing season, the talents of a team may vary. Physical abilities such as speed, size, and power may change. But one thing that remains in the South Point football program is the outstanding character and devotion…of EVERYONE! Thank you RaiderNation, Volunteers, Coaches!

Fall Awards Winners 2018

First Row - L-R - Chancelor Mayfield - Lee's Lawn Service Scout Defense; Hunter Hogue - JV Best Offense

Second Row - L-R - Omari Hunt - Bennie Cunningham Most Improved Award & All Conference; Caleb Gibson - Coach's Award; Devon King - Sheila M. Rollins Memorial Co-Most Versatile Award & All Conference; Naseem Jones - Wrather Johnson Sportsmanship Award & All Conference; Josh Bogen - Bobby Brown Unsung Hero Award & All Conference; Tanner Canterbury - Belmont Drug Best Defense Award & All Conference; Keaton Hale - Dr. Wade Breeland MVP & All Conference

Third Row - L-R - Zane Andrews - Lee's Lawn Service Scout Offense Award; Larry Dowdy - Dr. Eddie Lineberger Best Blocker Award, All Conference & Gerald Cortner Character, Leadership & Scholarship Award; Peyton Chaney - All Conference; Nolan Cochran - Coach Phil Tate 'First Things First" Award & All Conference; Ray Grier - Sheila M. Rollins Memorial Co-Most Versatile Award & All Conference; Tre` Glenn - All Conference.

Not Pictured - Xarique Culbreth - JV Best Defense Award

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