Raiders Battle To The End

Raiders Battle To The End

Things are a bit cloudy now. We're trying to see clearly through eyes filled with tears. It's never easy. Nor should it be. Because if it doesn't hurt now, it never really mattered at all. There would have been no evidence of undaunted determination, an unparalleled work ethic, or a "no-quit" attitude. In short, there would be no evidence that a team had heart. But it DOES hurt, and it DID matter. And while we would all prefer the tangible prize and be spared the life lessons, the reality is, there is far more value in this journey than the destination. This team of Red Raiders did not simply allow us to witness their greatness, they made us a part of the experience. Across this state and perhaps beyond, no group of young men displayed more heart and more love for one another than did these players. They perfectly exemplified a program that takes pride in winning with class. And they did not stray from that character on the rare occasion that found them on the short end of a scoreboard. They gave of themselves, not for themselves, but for each other. They never gave up and were never rattled when trailing in a game. These Raiders expected to win, and they maintained trust in a system, coaches and teammates, that a positive outcome would be realized. They were proud to wear the uniform and they never took for granted that doing so made them a part of a special family. For being part of that family, we express our gratitude to the young men that made us proud to wear red!

We are especially grateful to our Seniors whose leadership on and off the field maintained the solid foundation upon which South Point Football is built. Thank you Will Abram, Sullivan Absher, Josh Barker, Hayden Blankenship, Jackson Blee, Aaron Chaney, Trey Cherry, and Jayden Collins. Your dedication sustained a proud tradition. Thank you, Josh Crowder, Jayden Garrett-Straite, Noah Gosnell, Hunter Jackson, Cam Medlock, Jack Milford, Jax Miller, and Dylan Owenby. Your commitment embodied the high standard expected of Red Raiders. And thank you Elijah Phifer, Aiden Ramirez, Will Ross, Jaquis Rumph, Mica Stowe, John Vickers, and Brock Wilsey. Your devotion to the team sets a mark by which others should be measured. Each of these players were willing to contribute, in any capacity, to drive this team of Red Raiders to be the best. And in that, their mission has been accomplished. You are and always will be members of a proud family. And the family is proud to count you among the greats to have ever worn the RED!

Go Big Red!

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